Conference on ''Health Tourism in Greece'' in Kos

Taking into account the rapid growth of Tourism Health Sector, due to the advancement of medical science, medical technologies, the prolongation of the life expectancy of citizens and the wealth of Greek healing springs that are a means of healing rejuvenation and relaxation, we consider it an opportunity to promote the comparative advantages of Greece as the world’s top health destination.
In the framework of this national effort, we are organizing in Kos, on 23 & 24 June 2018, two-day conference on “Health tourism in Greece”.
The organization of the Conference is under the auspices of the International Health Tourism Center & the Global Greek Doctors Institute and is supported by :
The Municipality of Kos
The Central Union of Municipalities of Greece
The Medical Association of Athens
Government officials, representatives of the National Parliament, top personalities from Business, Academic, Health and Tourism Community and Local Government will participate.