About us

Health Tourism Greece offers high quality services to international patients who wish to combine their treatment with a holiday in Greece. Our company facilitates patients from all over the world to find high quality, low-cost medical care. It is committed to the international promotion of Greece, the local medical expertise and tourist enterprises.

Hellas Tourism Greece ensures that patients receive comprehensive medical care at affordable prices, including travel packages and tours in the biggest cities and tourist resorts in Greece.

Greece offers high quality in private healthcare services and facilities’ infrastructure for various types of health tourism and value for money medical care.

If you are uninsured or underinsured, Health Tourism Greece wil help you accesss healthcare services of unparallel quality, at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in the US.

We provide reliable, high-quality, direct medical care and treatment, without waiting lists, at certified Greek hospitals, from highly skilled doctors with studies in the best Greek, European or American Universities, whilst taking care of all the other trip details in Greece.

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And there is a lot to come. The development of Medical Tourism in Greece will bring significant advantages. Already, a great number of entrepreneurs, mainly in the health sector, make significant investments in modern health-care centers and more.  

Greece has the potential and infrastructure to rank among the most popular Medical Tourism destinations and become an international "brand name" in the sector. Fully aware of the importance of combining hospitality with top quality services, we invite you to choose Greece for combining top quality health care with your vacations.