Health Tourism Greece offers high quality services to international patients who wish to combine their treatment with a holiday in Greece
Health Tourism Greece facilitates patients from all over the world to find high quality, low-cost medical care

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Laparoscopic & Robotic surgery


Technological progress has helped modern surgery to give a solution to important intra-abdominal problems with minimal surgical trauma.Avoidance of large incisions of open surgery not only reduces postoperative pain and accelerates recovery, but also eliminates the chances of serious postoperative complications. Read more »

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)


In recent years, Greece has experienced a massive influx of infertile couples, who seek treatment here with the help of IVF. There are several reasons for this cross-border movement, which include frustration stemming from multiple failed IVF attempts in their residing country as well as restrictive legal framework. Read more »

Plastic Surgery


The choice of Greece as a destination for Plastic Surgery is no random at all. The impeccable medical and hospital conditions available, the high-quality treatments and procedures, in addition to the opportunity of recovering in an amazing resort, make Greece a fantastic option for medical tourism. Read more »

Dental Care


Nowdays, many people from USA, Canada and some European countries, where dental treatment is very expensive, travel abroad, trying to fit some affordable dental care in their vacation. According to the medical tourism group Patients Beyond Borders, more than 500,000 Americans travelled out of the country for dental care in 2013. Read more »

Ophthalmological procedures


Modern Ophthalmology requires specialization and experience and uses some of the most high-tech and sophisticated pieces of medical equipment on the market. As knowledge of the operating characteristics and treatment limitations of lasers increases, the use of lasers in the treatment of ophthalmological problems will be broadened. Read more »

Τhermal Medicine


Greece tops Europe in terms of the quality and uniqueness of thermal natural resources (750 mineral water springs, 82 of which are active and 34 have been registered as medicinal). The Academy of Thermal Medicine showcases the beneficial properties of thermal springs always combined with Greece’s bioclimate, which offers a major comparative advantage against other countries. Read more »



Greece has just developed an inexpensive screening test to pick up individuals that have a reasonable likelihood of being dyslexic. The RADAR system (RADAR stands for Rapid Assessment for Difficulties & Abnormalities in Reading) is a patented software that helps to diagnose dyslexia at an early age. Read more »

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